Here's a photo of most of the containers we grow plants in to give you some notion of what you will get if you order from us. The container size is part of each plant description.


 The plants we sell & ship are grown in a range of different plastic containers of varying sizes & shapes. Each plant description contains a reference to the size we are selling.  The following are most of the sizes of these various containers. (There are a few plants in even larger containers that we can ship.)

       "1 gallon" = 1 gallon or 3814 ml (milliliters)
        trade gallon = .734 gallon or 2779 ml
        1/2 gallon = .46 gallon or 1744 ml
        2 gallon = 1.59 gallon or 6033 ml
        3 gallon = 3 gallon or 11356 ml
        4.5D Pot = 930 ml
        5" square pot = 1670 ml

Our "normal" or default size is a trade gallon.  If no other size is listed with the plant description, then it is grown in a trade gallon container.


Photo thanks to Nicole Edge



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