Little Lime PG - 1 gallon
Little Lime PG - 1 gallon This tremendous little peegee hydrangea is a dwarf form of the very popular ’Limelight’, with all the beautiful bunches of blooms, superior hardiness, and unmatched crisp white and iridescent green you’ve come to expect from its big brother, in a much more manageable size. Hydrangea paniculata ’Jane’ (the proper cultivar name) is great in a cold climate, or in the full sun of a Georgia summer - ’Little Lime’ is tough, easily maintained, and stunning in your yard - or even in a container.
Drought tolerant, happy in an urban setting, and low maintenance. Between 4 and 5 feet. Full sun to part shade, zones 3-8. A Proven Winner! And check the photo with pink aging blooms in October when you click more information. A stunner!

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Limelight PeeGee Hydrangea - 1 gallon
What a wonderful plant. Bred in Holland, Hyd. p. ’Zwijnenburg’ is a mostly sterile PeeGee bloom in the most wonderful soft, lime-green instead of white. It is very striking, and like all paniculatas, a snap to grow. Full sun to light shade (the lime color is more pronounced in partial shade) for zones 4-8, it will be between 5 & 10’ tall depending on your climate and pruning. Deciduous, of course. The photos seen under "More Information" will share just a bit of the beauty this selection.
Silver Dollar PeeGee Hydrangea - trade gallon
Stunning new Hydrangea paniculata that is a close duplicate of ’Limelight’ but is not under patent so can be grown by all who wish a handsome shrub for their sunny border. The RHS gave it the Award of Garden Merit in their extensive trial of some 40 or so paniculatas. Dr. Dirr in the new edition of his classic Manual of Woody Landscape Plants writes: "Beautiful full white inflorescences . . .rather strong stems hold flowers upright. . .am impressed by quality of flowers, foliage and habit." It has performed excellently in the heat of Georgia and should be a great choice for gardeners in the warmer zones. Zones 3 - 8. Height to 8 feet plus and as wide.
June 20, 2021
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