Amethyst Falls Native Wisteria - 1 gallon
Amethyst Falls Native Wisteria - 1 gallon This is NOT the exotic wisteria species that has escaped to smother much of the roadside throughout the south, competing with Lonicera japonica for the title of the most invasive and worst vine. That thug is Wisteria floribunda (Japanese wisteria). Rather Wisteria frutescens íAmethyst Fallsí is an American native species, a selection found in the northwest corner of SC and introduced by Head-Lee Nursery. It flowers as a very young plant with slightly fragrant blooms well after any chance of frost. Give it lots of sun. It usually reblooms in late spring. Vigorous but again, not invasive. Deciduous, for sun in zones 5-9.

I rarely see Chinese wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) offered except in specialty catalogs (we occasionally offer one). Itís not as rampant as Japanese wisteria but still requires a gardener to stay alert and control it. Interesting ID tidbit: our American and the Chinese species twine anti-clockwise (looking from above) while the thuggish Japanese species twines clockwise. Mount your ladder and ID your plant.

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Wisteria sinensis íKofugií - 2 quart
Hereís another wonder we used to grow & hoped to sell, a tiny Chinese wisteria we originally got from Rippingale Nursery (now defunct). Bonsai enthusiasts always drool over our stock plant and lust to buy it. No deal. Weíve shared rooted plants with various arboretums and sold a few here in years past. Never blooms or hasnít for us and hadnít for Rippingale Nursery so canít speak to that. These are rooted cuttings from 2017 and are not yet of a size to go in the garden; they will need to be grown on in a container for a season or so. Deciduous for Zones 5 - 8.
White Native Wisteria - 2 quart
Wisteria frutescens íNiveaí is the white flowered form of our native American wisteria. Like íAmethyst Fallsí it is NOT invasive. White blooms in early May are fragrant. Wonderful native vine, quite rare even so. We donít understand why gardeners set free W. floribunda to eat their birthright but donít grow this restrained native. Itís in the Constitution I suppose. Deciduous, for sun, in zones 5 - 9.
June 20, 2021
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