Snow Queen Hydrangea - 3 quart
Snow Queen Hydrangea - 3 quart A Yankee from New Jersey, ’Snow Queen’ produces large panicles of pure white held above the foliage. If you are looking for a larger oakleaf that won’t spill out into paths, walkways or patios she will fill the bill. Confused about the difference between ’Snow Queen’ and ’Snowflake’? ’Snow Queen’ is the regal one, with upright bearing and head held high. Queenly indeed. Originally introduced by Princeton Nurseries in 1979. Zones 5-9. 6’ x 6’. Some images courtesy of the Raulston Arboretum.

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Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea - 3 quart
Hydrangea quercifolia ’Alice’ is the most robust oakleaf we grow. A selection by Dr. Michael Dirr from a plant on the University of Georgia campus it has proven to be trouble free. Give it room as the original plant is 12 feet high and as wide. BIG! And ROBUST! It produces very large, slightly fragrant, creamy-white blooms in early summer that age to a fine rose color as the summer proceeds. Prefers a bit of shade around here but will do as well in full sun if need be. Easy to grow, native and splendid - just don’t crowd it. Deciduous. Zones 6 - 9.
Amethyst Oakleaf Hydrangea - 3 quart
The search for a pink oakleaf can be as frustrating as the search for a blue rose, but recently with Hydangea q. ’Amethyst’ the cause has been advanced. This compact oakleaf selection starts white but colors very quickly to a nice pink on a fairly short plant to about 6 feet high & 6 feet wide. Deciduous, best flower color in lots of sun but it sure appreciates some shade in the hot afternoon here in GA. Selected by plantsman, Dr. Michael Dirr. Please see also H. q. ’Ruby Slippers’ for a shorter selection of our native oakleaf that pinks very well in late season. Zones 6-9.
Harmony Oakleaf Hydrangea - trade gallon
’Harmony’ is an unusual oakleaf hydrangea. Rather than being conical the shape and mass of the flower head is rotund and mounded, rather like the bloom on the Chinese Snowball viburnum.
Attempts to give it a common name that reflects the appearance of the full congested bloom range from "Sheep’s Head Hydrangea" to Gene’s suggestion that it is a bit like the heap of mashed potatoes in the bowl your family serves at Thanksgiving before Uncle Ellis digs in and ruins the presentation (often before or even during grace). It is much more handsome than those names suggest as it is stunning as a mature shrub: large of stature, foliage that turns dark maroon in fall, and breathtaking white blooms in late spring. We got our stock plants from the Aldridge family in Alabama who introduced both ’Harmony’ and ’Snowflake’ many years ago. Harmony was shown to them by J C McDaniel, also a native of AL but then a professor of horticulture at the University of Illinois, Urbana. Everything we’ve read about professor McDaniel makes us think of all the generous nursery folks we’ve been lucky to know. There was a time when generosity with plants was more important than patent royalties, and good plants were to be shared. Were it still so. Deciduous, 6 to 8’, for sun or part shade, native and unique. Zones 6-9.
Pee Wee Oakleaf Hydrangea -trade gallon
Alabama oakleafs. We are blessed. Let us plant. This is another discovery from the sand hills area of Alabama and one of the smallest of the native oakleaf hydrangeas that we know. Hydrangea quercifolia ’Pee Wee’ grows to about 4’ with a wider spread. The bloom is a cone of white flowers, the sepals periwinkle like. Tardily deciduous with deep red fall foliage if grown in enough sun. Early season, sun to bright shade. Zones 6-9.
Snowflake Oakleaf Hydrangea - 3 quart
There is no other oakleaf like Hydrangea quercifolia ’Snowflake’. Period. Line up the lot and look closely at them in bloom. It’s obvious (and we grow the best of the rest). The multiple bracts of this sterile form give the appearance of double flowers that continue to open at the base, ever elongating the dramatic flower head. Blooms can reach 12-15". Happiest in part shade in the South. It’s a native plant if that tickles your tummy! Early summer bloom for us in GA. These are absolutely the real plant, our first cuttings came from the original stock block at Snowflake Nursery near Boaz, AL (Thanks to the Aldridges!) and now from the 40 plus stock plants planted around the nursery. This is our largest selling plant and no matter how many we grow it’s never enough. But, be assured, if you buy one from us it is the true plant. Mature height 7’ with width the same. Zones (5)6-9.
June 20, 2021
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